I Unify

Life always waits before revealing itself at its most brilliant 

In today’s modern and fast paced world we can be left feeling dissatisfied and alone.

I.Unify© looks at the human being for what they really are, part of a sophisticated, interconnected and interdependent sea of energy, a ‘unified field’.  By bringing a new transformational approach to personal development and growth, accompanying and facilitating new learning, you will receive coaching with the expertise, skills and guidance of mentoring.  

I.Unify© One to One

These transformational sessions will help you understand the laws and principles by which the universe is ruled. Learn to acknowledge your energy and your ego, and how they affect your actions in daily life. Experience how to live in the now, without the burden of the past or the mirage of the future. Take your first steps towards change, as a choice, being aware of the socio-cultural, religious and family programming in your environment, in order to free yourself from it and define how you want to live your life from now on.

You will learn how to control your thoughts, fears and anxieties, which are all destabilizing factors. Embracing new knowledge that you will put into practice, acquiring new habits and skills.

By reprogramming your brain and changing the way you think, you can heal old wounds; achieve successful results, develop self-discipline, perseverance and commitment to yourself in order to experience the bliss of a fulfilled life.

I.Unify© One to One Intensive

During this one-day intensive session you will be observed in your environment, your habits, reactions and ways of communicating. You will receive instant feedback that goes beyond the surface of each situation, helping you develop your awareness in regards to the dynamics of each situation, getting a deep understanding of your harmful behaviour patterns as well as the mechanisms your ego uses to seek conflict.

This one-day session allows an analysis of situations and intervention in “real time”, deciphering sabotage mechanisms and providing new tools that will help implement instant changes.

The goal of this programme is to help you increase your awareness, help you be in control of your actions and thoughts instead of acting out of habit or “reaction”. Thus enabling you to make effective decisions in all areas of your life.

I.Unify© Course – “The Art of Happiness”

This transformational course is a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. It will enable you to pull down the barriers of the ego in order to flow with the universe and its laws, achieving a fuller and more meaningful life. The course consists of 10 consecutive 2 hour weekly sessions. It is suitable for those who wish to gradually integrate new concepts, actions and changes, feeling the support of a group.

The course offers an experience that brings increasing understanding of others’ reality and therefore, of ones own reality. By sharing ideas and innovating creative visions within a group, solutions will be brought up that may never have been considered from an individual perspective. A sense of belonging emerges and similar experiences are viewed from different points of view. Solutions to obstacles become clearer and the process of change is made easier. By celebrating the achievements of others, the path to personal achievement is opened and broadened; the wisdom of the group becomes a benefit for each participant.

I.Unify© Workshop – “The Art of Happiness”

This workshop is an intensive version of the I.Unify© Course, over 2 or 2½ days.

It is suitable for people who do not have the time to participate in the I.Unify© Course but still want to experience the benefits of group work and support.

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