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Harmonic Vibration Treatments

The human body is a large electromagnetic field, which interacts with the vibration of the magnetosphere. Sound has the ability to alter material form and cause changes at physical, emotional, etheric and spiritual levels.

Every human being has three dimensions: physical, emotional and intellectual. When these, or parts thereof, are not in harmony imbalances appear.

Harmonization sessions with specially designed tuning forks enable rebalancing and revitalizing of the body system, eliminating toxins, both of internal and external origin, in order to achieve a psychophysical balance thus producing a state of optimal wellness. The tuning forks emit pure sounds that are represented as sinusoidal waves, creating a bridge between sound and structure. They are able to “tune” the vibration of the body and to restore its natural resonance.

The use of tuning forks directly on the body helps to

– Tune the physical body

– Promote balance   

– Reactivate the body system

– Aid deep relaxation

– Eliminate stress and toxins

Tuning forks are also used effectively to work on electromagnetic fields surrounding the body, also known as aura, subtle bodies or chakras, to release stagnant energy.

Benefits of an I.Tuning© Session

– Facilitates relaxation and rest

– Stimulates alpha brain waves

– Releases tension

– Induces reflection and self-analysis

– Enhances creativity

– Encourages propensity to change

– Favours meditation

– Creative visualisation

– Peacefulness.

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