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About Odysseia 
Odysseia Consulting believes that YOU are the creator of your world. Based in Ibiza, we run a series of courses, workshops and related services to help navigate your journey to a more conscious, fulfilled and happy life.

In recent times Quantum Physics has confirmed the interrelationship between thought and reality. We live a 3D world, believing only what we can see. However, that is only a limited range of energy frequencies, when there are actually many more within our reach.

Odysseia Consulting have put together a range of services that are designed to help you reach higher vibrations and enable you to create the world you want.

Private Sessions, Course & Workshops

Become aware of the laws of the universe and your vibrational entanglement with it and get insight about:

* The patterns you keep repeating that prevent a fulfilled life

* How your thoughts have an effect on your life

* The importance of living in the now and letting go of limiting   


* How to make feasible, lasting changes for a harmonious life

* How to finally become the person you really want to be

Think of yourself as a multidimensional instrument that requires maintenance, calibration and tuning for optimum function. When our frequencies vibrate in dis-harmony we start living in a state of discomfort leading to dis-ease.

* The human heart is a source of electromagnetism

* Human electricity in the brain and nervous system create

 human magnetic fields

* The human electromagnetic field can be measured, felt and influenced

A diapason I.Tuning© session helps restore the optimum vibration of your body leading to

* Well-being

* Increased vitality

* Helps release emotional blocks

* Calms the mind

Numerology Analysis  
Words have a vibration; philosophers from ancient Greece were the first to introduce this concept and as been corroborated by Dr Masuru Emoto in his work on the effect of words on water Crystals.

Your name brings a series of vibration that can be studied in a Numerology Analysis that will help you:

* Get a better understanding of your personal character

* Get a better understanding of your life as a whole

* Take you from who you are now to whom you have the   

 potential to be

* Guide you with directions to achieving your goals in life

Image credit Olena Zaskochenko.

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